Indoor Golf PA now at Worcester Golf Club - Winter golf for players of every level
Club Repairs/ Club Fitting
Too many golfers buy "off-the-shelf" clubs and can't enjoy the full game of golf.  Here at Indoor Golf PA our certified club technician can repair clubs and fit golfers for their optimal set.  Even simply regripping your clubs makes them feel 5 years younger.  
Here's a list of club services we offer...
  • Custom Fitting/ Assembly
  • Regripping
  • Loft/ Lie Adjustments
  • Reshafting
  • Shaft Lengthening/Shortening
  • Swingweight Adjustments
  • Groove Sharpening
  • Rattle Removal
  • And much more...
*Fitting for free... Ask how*
At Indoor Golf PA we are pushing to become more environmentally friendly and give back to our neighborhood in anyway possible.  Recycling old grips, paper, cardboard, solvents and much more is the first stepping stone to giving back.
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